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A professionally managed Laboratory Equipment Company established to deliver the best solutions in the field of R&D and Quality Control for industries and educational institutions.

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As the chemical supply industry has expanded and evolved, Nova Chemicals has remained dedicated to its customers and committed to the highest quality. Here are the services we provide :

Nova Chemicals primary focus currently is to address the labortory equipment related needs of Companies Power Plants, Water Treatment plants, Universities and Institutions (From both private and government sectors) which are the active in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences


Our primary focus currently is to address the laboratory equipment-related needs of companies, institutions and universities (from both Government and Private sectors) which are active in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences & Food and Environmental Sciences.

Industries We Serve

We are a well-established organization operating as TOTAL LAB-SOLUTION PROVIDER since 1994.


quality centric approach and rich vendor base we offer an extensive range of bulk chemicals for Pharmaceutical industry

Industrial R & D

The chemical industry comprises the companies that produce industrial chemicals. Central to the modern world economy,

Oil & Paints

Each industry has its unique solutions for its range of applications and therefore, end-use certain coating solutions are becoming more and more vital for the oil & paint industry.


Chemicals necessary to perform experimental and/or investigative procedures and for the preparation of drugs and other chemicals.

Government Sectors

The chemical industry is a very important constituent of the growing Indian economy and it is the mainstay of industrial and agricultural development.


We are suppliers of Scientific Equipment, Lab Equipment and Hospital Equipment including Histopathology Equipment, Mortuary Equipments and etc.

Our Authorizations

We, Lab-Chem Corporation are in business of chemicals, glasswares, plasticwares, filterpapers and laboratory instruments. We have expertise in perticular items for which we are authorize stockiest of leaing companies in the market.

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