Scientific Equipment

Nova Chemicals Co. deals in scientific equipments required for the day to day use to measure precision. If you are looking for a high precision balance measure, then we have a perfect solution for you.

We provide precision balance starting from 0.001gms, which are helpful for people dealing with micro, jewellery and moisture balances.

Water Treatment

Water is the basic necessity of all life forms. We provide methods ranging from Pre-chlorination to sedimentation, Filtration to Disinfection and UV to provide a highly pure and clean water form for drinking.

While on the other hand we are also dealing with industrial water treatment methods like boiler water treatment and cooling water treatment.

Laboratory Chemicals

If you are a school, high school or a Professional College and require chemicals for laboratory usage, then Nova Chemicals Co. has a wide range of solutions for you.

We deal in chemicals such as, analytical chemicals, Dyes and Stains, Reagents for Life Science Studies and Acids, Bases & Solvents.

Geographical Instruments

We at Nova Chemicals Co. have extended our field of work into geographic instruments, maps, globes and 3D models.

A wide range of products are available with us for schools, colleges and semi-governmental and governmental institutions.

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